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A free tutoring organization for K-8 students

Climbing Towards a Brighter Future

About Higher Heights

Our mission is to inspire change within our community and empower underserved K-8 students by offering support and free online tutoring services.

To learn more, watch our appearance on KSTP here!

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If you are a motivated high school student who has a passion for learning, join us on this journey. 


The tutors of our organization have successfully had over 500 tutoring sessions!

  • How long is a session between a student and their tutor?
    This depends on the student's need and the tutor's availability. Tutors typically ask students about their needs, and the lengths of sessions are decided accordingly.
  • How are topics covered?
    This varies for each student and tutor; we try to let each tutor discuss with their student to find out what suits them the best. For example, some students need help completing their homework; therefore, our tutors will typically help them through the relevant problems and also provide additional practice problems if necessary.
  • What online platforms do your tutors use?
    Our tutors primarily meet online using Zoom or Google Meet, but virtually any platform can be used
  • How do you vet your tutors?
    We look over the tutor's self-disclosed credentials and have an online meeting where we observe their ability to explain certain concepts. If the tutor is able to effectively explain those concepts, then we move forward with assigning them a student.

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