The People and the Story Behind Higher Heights!


Our organization started with a simple idea: the idea of tutoring and supporting any kid who may be struggling with school. The disparities within our educational system are substantial and with a global pandemic, those disparities have grown. Students all across the world are learning how to adapt to this ever-changing world and are learning to be more resilient than ever, but many of these students are facing challenges of their own and are struggling to learn as the ideal look of classrooms shifts. Us four high school students on the leadership team and our ensemble of wonderful tutors hope to help students learn and grow in these trying times. We aspire to impact the lives of the students in our community.


Anika Tripathi

Board member, Co-Founder

Hi, I’m Anika Tripathi. I’m a junior at Woodbury High School and am honored to serve as a board member of Higher Heights. When I got the idea of starting a free tutoring service to help both privileged and underprivileged kids alike, I knew I had to act on it and I’m glad I did. I’m excited to see the impact we can create not only with our students but also within our community. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” and I believe we are doing just that!

Avnish Tripathi

Board Member, Co-Founder

I am also a board member of Higher Heights Tutors! My colleague Srinath and I made this site so people like you can learn about our mission to create equal education throughout the system in Minnesota. I enjoy watching movies, biking and having a good time! I am really excited to help our community climb towards a better future.

Akua Yeboah

Board member, Co-Founder

I am Akua B. Yeboah, a junior at Math and Science Academy. The disparity in education quality across the United States continues to widen. This drove me to think about how I can contribute in lessening the gap. My answer? Higher Heights. In my free time, I enjoy writing, filming, editing, laughing, thinking, breathing; yes, even breathing. I’m grateful to be alive. 

Srinath Hariharan

Board Member, Co-Founder


Hello! My name is Srinath Hariharan. I’m a junior at Woodbury High School, and I am a board member of Higher Heights. Apart from making a positive difference in my community, I enjoy playing tennis and playing the violin. I am beyond excited to help solve the problems plaguing our education system and affect positive change.